An attractive Wonersh gold horse in sun spirals

Wonersh horse, gold stater
Image copyright Chris Rudd 2018

Wonersh. Sills British Ma, dies 2/1.c.50-40 BC. Gold stater. 17mm. 5.34g. Cruciform motif of beaded bands, two outline crescents back-to-back in centre, hairlocks and other ornaments in angles./ Horse right, solar spiral above, pellet and six-spoked wheel with axle below, ‘coffee bean’ and pellets above head forming elliptical snake. ABC 527, VA 1520, BMC 351-353, DK 197, S 36. CCI 11.0807 (this coin). Good VF, rose-gold, well centred horse, clear solar spiral and wheel. Ex Burford collection. EXCESSIVELY RARE die pair, only three others recorded.           

“Wonersh gold staters are named after a gold hoard found by a shepherd boy called Goodchild on Thursday, 24 February 1848, near Albury railway station, Surrey, a couple of miles from Wonersh (‘Crooked Field’) and not far from Farley Heath temple site (where some say the hoard was found). Copied from Westbury staters of the Catuvellauni (‘Middle Whaddon Chase. Big Wheel Type’, ABC 2442), Wonersh staters are among the most attractive in the Ancient British series, thanks to the vigorous swirling spiral above the horse. Finders know our clients like them and know we pay good money to get the best ones; which may be why, of the 34 known examples, no fewer than eleven have come to us (nine are in museums). Found near Chichester, West Sussex, the above is a real beauty”

Thank you Chris Rudd for image and auction text

This coin is in Chris Rudd list 161 and bidding available 8th October on The Saleroom here 

There’s something so happy about this sun spiral horse.