Clavdivs Triumphant, Gold Aureus, De Britann

Claudius triumphant.  Claudius of a Britannia subdued by force of Roman arms.  A demon coin for #romanbritain collectors. To be sold at Dix Noonan Webb on April 25th 2018.

Claudius Aureus Triumphal Arch inscribed De Britann

ANCIENT COINS, Claudius (41-54), Aureus, Rome, 46-7, laureate bust right, ti clavd caesar avg p m tr p vi imp xi, rev. de britann on architrave of triumphal arch, surmounted by equestrian statue, 7.83g (Calicó 349; RIC 33; C 17; Sear 1830; S 633). About very fine, rare

Sold for £6,500

Provenance: C. Anthony Collection; G.R. Blake Collection [from Seaby 1948]; SCMB July 1964 (AG 1584); A.L. Wade Collection, Glendining Auction, 27-8 October 1971, lot 544

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